Wire Solutions

Optimize the benefits of our Wire Management Solutions. Each solution is designed to save you money, decrease your installation time, and improve safety on the job site. Call a Solutions Manager today for:


  • Discover new solutions and work flow possibilities
  • Integrate products, services and planning tools
  • Execute pre-con planning, timing and impact for maximum efficiency


  • Select the right solutions for your job
  • Optimize feeder conduit runs, pulls, and releases
  • Determine optimal pull and feed locations and associated equipment


  • Receive materials on time based on pre-con planning
  • Get the right support at the right time
  • Take advantage of field training and solution execution checklists


  • Continue to optimize solutions for compounded benefits
  • Increase safety, productivity and profitability
  • Reduce the learning curve and close execution gaps

Let us meet your specific needs by having your Wire Solutions fully customized in our state-of-the-art Prefab Facility!

Prepared wire and cable offers you the exact product you need without your crews having to cut, configure or strip the wire before usage. This includes twisted or paired wires and cut and stripped wires in all gauge sizes. We offer larger sizes that are available upon request.

Use our twisting services to save time and money, and make installation smoother and easier. You can avoid wire damage and contamination, which often occurs when workers are struggling to get it just right.

Wire identification and labeling is much more efficient when you use our line of colored cable and wire products. Our wire experts will assist you with selecting the products and configurations that best suit your project needs.

In addition to Customized Wire Solutions, our Prefab Facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to accommodate your custom prefab assembly needs, including:

Why Prefab?

Our prefab customers regularly see increased profit margins and decreased expenses by realizing maximum quality output and continuity and reduced completion times.

Prefab solutions will increase project efficiency and eliminate the time spent waiting for materials. Even the most fast-tracked projects will more easily be completed on schedule.

Decrease your installation time and improve job site safety with Southwire’s SIMpull™ Solutions:

  • SIMpull™ Reel Maneuverable Payoff System revolutionizes the job site by allowing one person to safely* move a reel that weighs up to 6,000 lbs. without the need of pallet jacks or other equipment.

  • SIMpull™ Flange has a shaftless design that safely* allows one person to turn a wooden reel up to 34” and 2,000 lbs. It’s a time saving, field-installable solution that removes the need for heavy jack stands.

  • SIMpull™ Head features a low-profile design to glide easily through bends and tight turns with no lubrication. Wire is ready to pull as soon as it is delivered, saving you time and labor on your job site and reducing waste.

  • SIMpull™ Truck is a faster, cleaner, safer way to enhance productivity and lower total installation costs by eliminating various forms of waste such as excess cost, time and labor and improving productivity making you more competitive.

* on flat level floors.

Click here to learn more about Southwire’s SIMpull™ Solutions

Eliminate Errors! Reduce Scrap! Increase Labor Productivity! Increase Work Flow Efficiency!

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